Your Trending Crypto News 19/3/2019

Real Estate Giant Holding Live Luxury Home Auction for Bitcoin

One of the largest real estate groups in Australia, LJ Hooker, is preparing a live luxury real estate auction with a live auctioneer for cryptocurrencies. Nuyen’s property owner and president, Greg Costello, told news. that AUD will also be accepted in addition to the two cryptocurrencies. The auction has attracted interested buyers from the U.S., Canada, China, and Australia, the detailed release according to Nuyen. The auction is scheduled for April 8. On the property, located on the coast about 60 miles south of Brisbane, there will be a live auctioneer. Source

5 Popular Crypto ATMs That You Can Purchase Today

Crypto ATMs are becoming increasingly popular as many manufacturers have helped make these machines more accessible.

The world’s top providers of crypto ATM

Lamassu ATMs support almost every major currency in the world as far as local fiat currencies are concerned, and the currencies can be configured before shipping. Lamassu machines are currently supporting LTC, BCH, BTC, ZEC, DASH, and ETH as well.

– Since 2014, General Bytes has sold crypto ATMs and is one of the most popular device manufacturers in the world. Almost every major fiat currency is accepted by their crypto ATMs and 40 + cryptocurrencies are also supported.

Genesis Coin is another popular machine used by a wide variety of providers of crypto ATM. Genesis 1 includes features such as a bill validator, barcode scanner, thermal printer, EMV card reader, optional fingerprint reader, and a high – definition camera.

Bitaccess, a Canadian blockchain company, offers a few different services, but also produces crypto ATMs. Machines allow a variety of fiat currencies to be supported, but all crypto ATMs support BTC, LTC, BCH, ETH, ZEC, and a few other coins.

Sumo ATM (Bitxatm) is a popular machine provider that looks different and takes up less space than traditional crypto dispensing machines.


UAE Needs to Keep up With Crypto, Australia to Support Local Blockchain Industry

The Banks Federation of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) hosted a forum with the Abu Dhabi Global Market on fintech and crypto assets, the institution that launched a regulatory framework for cryptocurrency activity in June 2018. “In the light of the rapid growth of new FinTech technologies like cryptocurrencies, and other crypto-based assets, the framework and regulation which govern these technologies and developments are essential,” stated Abdul Aziz Al-Ghurair, President of the Federation of UAE Banks. Source

Exchange CEO Describes Mexico’s Tentative of Regulating Crypto’s Is a Disaster
In March last year, the Mexican congress passed a Fintech company regulation law, which would allow Banxico to determine which cryptocurrencies to be made public by regulated bodies. When Banxico finally published the circular, however, it “essentially stipulated that it would not allow any cryptocurrency to be offered by regulated financial firms,” Isbit’s CEO believes the new rules on crypto assets will have a negative impact on the economy of the country as a whole. Source