Updates: Application To Be Registered As A Recognized Market Operator (RMO) To The Securities Commission Malaysia

We regret to inform that our application to be registered as a recognized market operator (RMO) to the Securities Commission Malaysia (SCM) was unsuccessful.

As one of the homegrown cryptocurrency exchanges in Malaysia, MX Global has spent significant time and effort to ensure that your needs and all risk and regulatory requirements are in place. We are currently filing an appeal to the SCM and are trying our very best to understand and mitigate the high-level concerns raised.

Meanwhile, we are required to cease all activities and return all monies and assets to investors before 14th June 2019. Subsequent to that, we may no longer be able to provide further assistance. Please do not hesitate to contact our customer support if you have any withdrawal issues during our business hours.

MX Global is grateful for your continuous support throughout these challenging times.

Thank you.