What is FOMO and How to Avoid it When Trading Cryptocurrency?

FOMO is a term that stands for Fear Of Missing Out. Both seasoned traders and newcomers to the market frequently encounter this issue. You could invest in a scam cryptocurrency or a DeFi project without conducting your own research because of FOMO. We’ll discuss what FOMO in cryptocurrency trading means and how traders may prevent it in this article.


What does FOMO mean in cryptocurrency trading?


The fear of missing out (FOMO) is a common trading or investing sentiment in the cryptocurrency world. It’s the nervousness you have when a coin you missed on buying starts to gain rapidly or when everyone (apart from you) seems to be investing in the newest DeFi/NFT/Blockchain project.


What causes FOMO in cryptocurrency trading?


Market price fluctuations are substantially impacted by both general market psychology and individual emotional states or trader psychology, according to behavioural economics. The fear and greed index provides information about current market sentiment. The Crypto Fear and Greed Index aggregates data from social signals and market movements into a single graph that represents the current condition of the cryptocurrency world.


Trading and investing in cryptocurrencies may cause a wide range of emotions, from fear to hope. A mixture of these feelings, notably panic, impatience, envy, fear, and hope, causes trading FOMO in cryptocurrency.


How to Avoid FOMO Trading in cryptocurrency trading?


Accepting that Fear of Missing Out is a common emotion is the first step in avoiding FOMO trading. In the crypto industry and beyond, FOMO has an impact on everyone.  However, if the following actions are implemented and taken properly, FOMO trading in cryptocurrency may be prevented or at least minimized.


Create a Trading Plan


All of your long-term, short-term, and exit goals, objectives, and ambitions should be included in your crypto trading and investing plan. Along with that, it must include a summary of the coins you now own and want to purchase. The likelihood that a trader will successfully avoid FOMO increases if they take the time to put up their trading plans. Once you have a defined approach and specific trading objectives, you are less likely to be misled by weak trading signals.


Read the Charts


When it comes to cryptocurrency trading, the phrase “Facts over Feelings” is a valuable one to keep in mind. To better comprehend trends and trading patterns, learn to read and analyse cryptocurrency trading charts. You’ll have a strong foundation to stand on when FOMO hits even though your analysis might not always be accurate. Study the charts from recent weeks, months, or years. In order to improve their trading in the present and the future, traders may learn a lot by studying past cryptocurrency trading and price patterns.


Risk management should be implemented


A variety of actions are required for good risk management in cryptocurrency trading in order to lessen the effects of market declines and prevent complete liquidation. Conducting thorough research that provides you with all the information you need to make your trade effective is the first thing you should do before attempting to trade in cryptocurrencies.


Focus on Your Trades


Especially when it involves coins you didn’t get to buy, it may be upsetting for a trader to see other traders succeed and win large. Meanwhile, keep in mind that you don’t know the entire story of another trader’s accomplishment. It would be preferable for you to focus on your goals, trading tactics, and portfolio.


Consider The Long Run


You’re buying a coin, but why? How much of your income are you putting into the token? Are you prepared to suffer losses? What are your goals for this cryptocurrency investment? What is your plan of action? Before investing, each genuine trader should consider these important questions. Without worrying about FOMO, the solutions will assist you in making plans and achieving your goals. Your financial situation will always be better served by long-term thinking than by quick-win thinking.

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