Lead Software Developer, Image Processing

Job Category: Engineering IT Development
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Kuala Lumpur

MX Global is a fully licensed digital asset exchange, serving a greater mission to accelerate cryptocurrency adoption and increase the freedom of money.
Are you looking to be a part of the company the bridges the regulated and decentralised scenes in the blockchain industry and contribute to the crypto-currency revolution that is changing the world?
Are you passionate about the intersection of service mesh, cloud native apps, and infrastructure operations/management? Join the MX tech team to build innovative systems that leverage Image Processing to create customer delight.

As an Image Processing Software Engineer, you will work closely with your team lead and technical delivery managers to complete key projects. Responsibilities include the development and testing of image processing, feature extraction and classification algorithms of objects, payment receipts and produce.You will be involved in the development of process automation applications that allow for more transparency, productivity, reliability and efficiency in areas such as driver competency testing, payments auditing and digitization of real-world objects into a blockchain system.


  • Study, design and implement computer vision algorithms (Python, C++, Matlab);
  • Engineer feature extraction methods and decision systems, both rule and machine learning-based methods
  • Train and deploy classifiers and strengthen the system with deep learning algorithms
  • Use leading computer vision libraries (OpenCV, dlib etc)
  • Choose the right optics, lenses, illumination, imaging sensors and computing platforms to resolve issues
  • Perform camera calibration¬†
  • Prepare functional prototypes and demonstrators.


  • Good experience in image processing algorithms implementation
  • Hands-on experience with object detection, tracking, and optical flow
  • Practical knowledge of machine learning, Bayesian filtering¬†
  • Fluency with OpenCV
  • The ability to communicate technical information clearly and succinctly to both technical and non-technical teams

Highly Desirable skills:

  • Expertise in image classification, segmentation, and feature extraction
  • Strong understanding of linear algebra, optimization, probability and statistics
  • Experience with software architecture and/or API design, complemented by robust integration skills
  • A background in Parallel programming
  • Experience with Vision applications
  • Experience in Image processing
  • Image Analysis, Computer Vision Algorithm Development
  • Experience in Machine Vision techniques

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