Building a regulated exchange is quite a challenge. We balance users’ expectations with a longer term view of users’ safety to ensure all of our products are compliant-first. Because ultimately, we are responsible if users do not have a safe and secure environment to trade with confidence.

We receive many applications for a limited but crucial number of roles. Being in the early stage of our company’s growth demands that we make the right choices of teammates to build this regulated future.


Here are 3 tips to consider to maximise your chances:
  1. Submit a clear and succinct 1-2 page CV. Nobody’s career is so convoluted that it cannot be captured within 2 pages, it also shows us your ability to communicate clearly.
  2.  Use the Cover Letter feature. This is the space to tell us what we won’t otherwise be able to tell from your CV.  CVs should be in reverse chronological order (and we appreciate them to be), so here is where you tell your story and why you are someone we should look forward to meeting. If the cover letter sucks, we probably will not bother to read the CV.
  3. Have an MX Global account. 9/10 candidates tell us they believe in the mission and future we are building. There is no better way to demonstrate this than actually using our the present product. We know it has a long way to go, and as a regulated DAX it’s not as easy to iterate the product. But how would you know or have ideas on where to improve or contribute if you haven’t gotten past the landing page?
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